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Motor up, Milwaukee

June 2, 2010

Canadian BREW

May 25, 2010

Canadian BREW

America means bald eagles, baseball, apple pie, and Labatt’s Blue. Wait, what?

The Milwaukee Brewers may have plenty of fans in the North and Midwest areas of the nation, but they also have a decent following from Uncle Sam’s winter hat: Canada.

The location of the club may have something to do with the Canadian following, but it also could be due to the “underlying” theme of the Crew. Many from the southeastern area of Wisconsin know that a professional tailgater may not reach the ball park until at least the second inning. Why? Well there is grilling, bag tossing, and beer guzzling to be done. Nonetheless, the fans are supportive to their team by being loud and their roar can be heard all the way down in “Miller Park south”.

“I love the Miller Park,” says Brad Herman, a collegiate hockey player and Cranbrook, British Columbia native. “It’s the tits. Between tailgating, girls in ball jerseys and short shorts. Oh ya, and turning the double play live.”

He acknowledges he is just a baseball fan who has always watched the league. He says that not too many follow baseball in Canada as it is, but that when able many will catch a game or two. “What I like about Milwaukee is the fun restaurants and good bars around town,” said Herman. “With sports around, it’s between the admirals, bucks, brewers, and Marquette basketball.”

You would have thought such a list of teams was from a Milwaukee or even Wisconsin native. It is up to the players to bring the team back to the post season, because the organization is doing everything but winning. The good times down on West Wisconsin Avenue are not limited by much, as these characters keep going down to support their Labatts Blue Crew. As said before, the hockey team has been known to get other Canadian fellers and show them what the Crew has to offer. Win or lose, the organization knows how to let the boys have a good time.

Matt Boyd, another hockey player out of Edmonton, Alberta also enjoys the conveniently located Brew Crew. “I have a friend with a jersey but I don’t think he knows anything about them,” he said. “I think he just has it cause it says brewers.”

So no matter what the reason is for following our beloved baseball team, it is impressive to see fans coming from another country to see our team. The Canadian natives I talked to were not always fans of the Brewers or baseball in general, but will go back to their homeland eating a brat, drinking a Miller High Life, and sliding down a slide into a bucket of beer wearing a Rollie Fingers jersey.

Hnarration: Trevor’s Tears

April 30, 2010

It’s time to hassle the Hoff.  Not only did the Brewers 22 game home winning streak against the Bucs come to an end this series, they have now begun a home losing streak against them.  Baseball is a team sport and I would never say that a team’s success depends upon one individual.  I would say that the blame can be placed upon an individual in the case of defeat.  Losing the last two games in Milwaukee can certainly be blamed upon Trevor.  We were able to get one win out of this series, but I doubt anyone connected to the Brewers are satisfied with this result.

Monday’s game continued where last week’s series in Pittsburgh left off.  The hometown bats were able to reel off 17 hits with as many runs being scored.  This game changed me deep down because for the rest of his Brewer career I will be rooting for Casey Mcgeehee to commit errors, just so he can rip some more grand slams.  Couple this great offensive output with a strong pitching performance by Gallardo and the bullpen allowing 3 runs, only 1 of which was earned led to another blowout.

And here come the tears.  Tuesday night’s game was certainly a pitcher’s duel between Wolf and Karstens hurling for the Pirates.  After tying the game in the 7th inning thanks to a Kottaras homer and taking the lead in the 8th from a long shot from the Prince things were looking bright.  Wolf was in line for the win and the all time saves leader was coming out to add another to his historic total.  One inning, one walk, four hits and two long balls later the game was far out of reach to come back in the bottom half of the ninth.

More tears on the way.  The Wednesday getaway game featured the first start by Chris Narveson (replace Suppan in the rotation) and things got off to a rocky start.  After allowing three runs in the top of the first the Crew were able to bounce back in the bottom half and tie the game.  Both Narveson and Maholm (the Bucs starter) calmed down and pitched well the remainder of their respective outings.  The Brewers did take the lead on a Corey Hart homer in the fourth and held that until the ninth.  And guess who came out to pitch the ninth.  Mr. Hoffman, and sure enough allowed Pittsburgh to tie the game which led to five extra innings and an eventual Brewers loss.

Macha defended Hoffman after his blown save Tuesday night, and I believe rightly so.  Hoffman has historically gotten the job done and did have some hiccups early last year.  Regardless, concern has to be raised on who will close games if Trevor can’t figure it out in the ninth and there isn’t an easy answer.  After Gagne imploded (and wasted $10 million in salary) a few years back Solomon Torres filled in and performed admirably.  We may need the same type of hero in 2010 whether it is Hawkins, Villanueva, Coffey, or really anyone who can get the job done without sacrificing more wins, each of which is extremely valuable in such a tight division.

The Best Craig Counsell Jersey Ever

April 29, 2010


Edmonds Injured Back in Last Night’s Loss

April 29, 2010

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Send Your “Get Well” Message to Bob Uecker

April 29, 2010

Brew Beat is doing something really cool.

Right now, if you leave a get well message for Bob Uecker in the comments section of one of their posts, they will make sure it gets to Ueck in the hospital.

You can leave your message HERE

40 Years – 40 Moments

April 29, 2010

To celebrate the Brew Crew’s 40 Year Anniversary, the Milwaukee Brewers would like the fans to vote on the top moments in the Brewer’s history.

This month, you can vote on the top moments from the 1970’s!

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