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Last summer, for a sports journalism class at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa, I created a sports blog centered around the Milwaukee Brewers. As the summer progressed and the blog grew, I enlisted the help of Brewers-engaged personal friends. By the end of the summer, the Crew were floundering and with them, the blog (albeit summer internships were ending, and classes were starting up for a new fall semester). Suffice it to say, the blog perished in the same way as the Brewer’s playoff hopes.

This summer, it looks to reborn – to rise out of the ashes of J.J. Hardy  and Mike Cameron – if you will.

Why? Why not. Blogs are for the people that write them – and realistically, this one will be no different. If a following is to be had, so be it. We welcome anyone’s input in any form (comments, questions and concerns alike).

If you’re here reading this, and you enjoy the content we post, then by all means inform you friends, family and general acquaintances. If not though, keep your bashes and slanderings appropriate and constructive.

Nathan Ley


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